Love Note – June

Commitment and contribution are BIG words… great and wonderful things. When they are put into action in a way that honours the person (and their journey), they feel in tune with the Earth. Our existence in itself is a contribution.

There are days of doing more, yet achieving less, moments of fruition and quiet days; where we move almost unseen in the world, yet make small differences as we go. Some look upon commitments and contributions as things to be scheduled. For others, it is all part of the whole. There is the unspoken yet ever present truth, that we have an unknown and finite amount of time to serve both.

As humans we can be born with privilege of circumstance, we can choose to ignore or devote ourselves to them. Some live humbly and do far more than most. We can always do something. In our every action lies the potential – a smile, a kind word or the sharing of food with another – be they feathered, familiar or from afar.

June is the month featuring the longest day of the year; when the Sun is at its strongest. It asks what we’re pouring our energy into. What our contributions and commitments are. It calls us to reflect upon the theme of our days, both recent and long-term. Mine are nature and the people surrounding me. These long days are great for exploring. Recently I’ve been to a beach and a lake. Feels good to watch sunlight dance between the greenery, feel the wind in your hair, listen to the water and stand beneath the shelter of trees, feel the coolness of stone.

So this love note is for Earth. Enjoy Summer!



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