Love Note – February

Not all wandering happens in fields. There are landscapes inward, that we walk with as much wonder, as when viewing the sky above us. Dancing, singing, laughing, sweating and drumming our practise – alone, with friends or strangers. Some people walk it, some find it wherever they sit, others cover great distances.

It is all sacred.

Growing and making things to nurture life in some way, is cool with me. It’s in us already – buried beneath distractions and desires – many of which we’re told (yet don’t) want. Happiness and peace. Whatever we’re doing with life, we all have help, from countless people. It’s a team effort, this humanity thing, and we show up for one another in weird and wonderful ways.

It is all love.

I believe there’s an underlying intelligence to the universe that interacts with us. Watching birds soar, watering seeds, pen gliding on paper. Cool air filling lungs, walking until my legs ache. Unexpected letters or emails from friends, cups that read, “It’s thirsty work being a unicorn.” Sweaty hair at my neck; when the dance or the earth calls. A drum beneath my fingers, good coffee, the milky way.

It is all a celebration.



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