Desk Note – January

January offers solitude (and fog). The soul longs to express the brightness of a new year. Winter draws us deep to its heart. Coming in from the cold, the urge to face plant into warm blankets is palpable. Yet beneath the skin, bone deep, the revival has begun. A restlessness taking shape in the mind, in hands and feet.

What shape will your revival take this year?

Craving colour as nature is drained of hers, I seek out lichen and book covers, hearty soups and flushed cheeks. Soaps bright like lozenges, plants and chunky knits, nature finds decorating a windowsill. Textures and shapes to inspire new ideas and adventures. As Winter unfolds, it reveals longings… things to seek beyond the self… yet inward is where it all resides. So that is where I go. On a mat, with music or drum.

Smalls actions flow into the next. The journey is less of a blur, taken slowly. I oscillate between activities and rest; a heartbeat of what mind, body or soul needs. Diving into the sub-atomic, where scientists fathom new understanding, I speak my day into being and the universe meets to play, “how will it find me?”

Give yourself what you need most right now and have a good week.



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