O Horizon

O horizon is what is underfoot, when you walk through woodlands. Three layers of organic matter; needles, cones and leaves on top, a layer in decay beneath and under that, rich humus. I left social media months ago (after several years on Twitter and a year on Instagram) and haven’t missed it. Wandering in places such as this reminds me – connecting with loved ones, learning, exploring, creativity. This is the humus.



We don’t always know what will happen until we make a change. Walking away need not be a revolution. I’d be open to a more ethically sound platform to connect with friends around the world, though am happy without any relating to my work. Whatever change you may be experimenting with now in Autumn, it is a great time to slough old habits or hobbies. Let a little fresh air into your life!




All photos copyright © Louise Ann Knight 2018

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