Wax & Wane (Into Nature)

October is the month it grows dark enough to light candles. Wind snaps at our legs. Green turns molten as leaves curl then fall. Skies can glisten like pale crystal or dampen everything with a wash of grey. Autumn sweeps in with a ruthless brush stroke. It finds us peering into cupboards; savouring (or slinging) what we find.

As the wax melts and the light wanes, long evenings of writing beckon. I’m escaping into the trees now and then, to blast away the cobwebs and ponder which darlings to slay. Hard pruning is just as fun with words as it is with shears – it’s easy to get carried away. For this reason I’ve never attempted animal topiary. Headless creatures outside a house of vegetarians sends a mixed message.

(I took these photos on a recent wander)

I’ve new ideas to outline and older projects that are finally having their turn. Working on a smaller scale is fulfilling in different ways, so I’m continuing that through Autumn. Whether apple bobbing or festooning the house with skulls, enjoy the weeks ahead!


All photos copyright © Louise Ann Knight 2018

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