Sunbeams & Books

Some highlights of weeks past and plans looking forward…

I’m near to completion on a poetry collection and overseeing illustrations for my children’s book ‘Moonbright’. Both will be published in the new year. My focus for the second half of 2018 is overseeing illustrations for another children’s book, recording meditation content and editing an older project.

I’ve played a lot of ambient and EDM (it chills me out). Reading has been non-fiction; I’ve particularly enjoyed Robert Lanza’s, ‘Biocentrism’. David Bohm’s, ‘Wholeness and the Implicate Order’ and Carlo Rovelli’s ‘Reality Is Not What It Seems – The Journey to Quantum Gravity’ both had fascinating insights, that influenced new poetry.


Dominique Loreau’s, “L’art de la Simplicite’ was thought-provoking. Her mix of French/Eastern simplicity is austere, though enabled me to release more in a few areas. Simplicity for me is greenery and wood with systems that create ease; an earthy, relaxed style that shifts with the seasons. Deepak Chopra’s, “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’ is the current read; written in 1993 it provides an insightful look at how our body and mind works and what it is capable of. A great reminder of good habits.

Cal Newport’s, ‘Deep Work’ was in support of avoiding fragmented attention¬†over a time (which permanently damages the ability to problem-solve and focus, for long periods). A worthwhile read. Jaron Lanier’s, ‘Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Right Now’ talks about a great idea that became exploitative. I’d recently closed my accounts on Instagram and Twitter after years of moderate use, so was curious to read it. I’m more relaxed, productive, upbeat and there are other ways to keep in touch with people, so I think he makes some fair points.


Matt Haig’s, “Notes on a Nervous Planet’ is funny, anecdotal and uplifting. It had some great tips to put your life back on an even keel.¬†Rainer Maria Rilke’s, ‘Letters to a Young Poet’ and Hafiz’s, “The Garden of Heaven’ were classics I had been meaning to read for a while. Both had some beautiful sentiments and passages worth reading. I love the experience of learning new things or seeing where a story takes me.

I’m eager to wander more often – return to some places and visit others for the first time. Despite the recent humidity, rain and wind return as old friends; scurrying around me like the dogs as I collect apples. In readiness for the intense periods of creativity and study that lay ahead, we’ve swapped unwanted stationery like sweets. Autumn is a season of activity. I love the freedom that the cooler months bring.


Whatever you’re up to and wherever you wander… happy creating.

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