Following on from my previous post, Contribution, here are some ways we can work with the changed climate and how doing that can positively impact society.

Our history is littered with examples that support an adapting society. Community projects, small-scale agriculture, mend and make do, reducing consumption, sharing resources; to name a few. As we adapt, a range of emotions spring up and doing these or other activities, channels them into something constructive. Incremental actions are proven to create increasing impact and invite collaboration. Here are 10 suggestions:

– Renewing or learning new skills (first aid or preserving)

– Daily self-care to reduce stress and anxiety (like running or yoga)

– Cluster errands and activities, when possible, to reduce fuel consumption

– Lend tools or time to help family/friends/neighbours with larger tasks

– Do something calming (walking or singing)

– Give rooms dual purpose to maximise living and storage space where possible

– Talk with others about your concerns and support one another with changes

– Create some art in some form, to express feelings and thoughts

– Reduce energy and water consumption with solar bulbs, candles or rainwater

– Grow and make some of what you need or purchase it locally from others

Encouragement is vital, as we replace collapsing systems with better ones. The expiration of convenience will apply increasing pressure on humanity, going forward. We can relieve the pressure a little with collaboration.

Climate change weaves through our existence with many threads… together we are building a tapestry with our actions.

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