I’ve been thinking how re-purposing provides an opportunity to be creative. It has other benefits… bringing greater awareness to our actions, reducing consumption, building co-operation and creating solutions to problems. Some examples:

  • Plastic sleeves that cover cards, delicate or seasonal decorations. Use them to display wipe-clean notices, certificates or event posters.
  • Completed pages from colouring books. The back of the page is often blank, so I use them to write letters. The paper has a second use and the art is a nice touch.
  • Cleaning hair off human and pet hair brushes is a hygienic necessity, though a bird can use it to help build its nest. Collect in a container and deposit around a branch near a bird table/feeder, for them to gather.
  • Use old carrier bags and tights to make draft excluders for doors or stuff cushion covers with them and wrap around outdoor pipes to insulate them
  • Metal food tins make great insect hotels, bulb pots, candle holders
  • Use an old piece of plastic piping in a pond to create a breathing hole for fish
  • Cardboard packaging and newspapers can line garden trugs/pots and paper packaging can be used for writing shopping lists or taking phone messages
  • The front half of a card (usually blank) from cards you receive, can have a second use by sending short messages and using them as postcards
  • Old boxes can be used to store garden tools or harvested apples
  • Old bowls, buckets, wellington boots, teapots can be used as bulb/plant pots
  • Shredded paperwork can be used to line bird houses or parcels you’re sending

If you cannot find a use for something, family, friends, community or wildlife can. Have fun re-purposing shed finds, car boot buys and recycling!



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