People are incredible; those that surround me, those that inspire me. I’m setting an intention for the new year… flourish; a living organism; to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a harmonious environment.

Humanity is a living organism. Together we grow and develop; often with tremendous grace, sweat, humility and tears. You see it everywhere. Flourish as an intention is a reminder of that; of nature, of movement and collaboration. I’m greeting the new year with plans to meet up with lovely people and lots more space for creativity.

Going forward, I’ll be sharing photos and thoughts on writing, self-care, nature, community and announcing events and upcoming releases. Enjoy 2018!


2 thoughts on “Flourish”

  1. Interesting question: I’ve just been talking to someone on another blog about how I don’t make resolutions or in fact, make many plans. In spite of liking them (I’m an Aquarian) I don’t plan ahead as such. I put one foot in front of the other & see where each one takes me. In life & in work. So, I’m doing what I always do & embracing the year – & life – in all its facets, with optimism & a large slice of realism!
    It will of course, mostly be made of writing!
    Happy New Year, dear Louise


    1. That’s a wonderful approach; I enjoy seeing what the year holds as it unfolds as well. Have a great one and happy writing 🙂 xxx


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