What Happens Next?

Fantasy is a broad spectrum of wonders. As a story ends, I often find myself asking, “Then what?”

I’m fascinated by the big TA-DAAA moment. A glimpse of what comes after. The sun rises, people gather, rebuilding awaits. I often linger there. It cannot be all rainbows and ribbons – a battle is won though struggles continue to exist. Neither is life entirely morose – alongside grief and uneasy alliances there are moments of joy.

I respect and take pleasure in the classic journey story; ending a series in epic battle. Though my curiosity leans towards what follows. This is how my fantasy series came to be. A desire for a story where the battle is fought within the first book, so that the rest of the series can explore the question… “What happens next?”

“Peace. Chaos. Potential. Cosmos. It will take them all to restore the sky drum.”

Character development in this series, takes place around community and restoration. To me the hours and years following what appears to be ‘the end’, are just as fascinating. And become more relevant outside the walls of fiction, where society is undergoing deep change.

Over several years, a series outline I wrote in 15 minutes has expanded into multiple books. Exploring answers to questions I pose, is one of the ways I do this:

  • When does the world recover?
  • Where do the people move to?
  • What are the signs of growth?
  • How are all things changed?

To each answer, I ask… why? And that is one of the best parts of writing fantasy. Because not only can you create characters and events, you can create worlds. Then offer them up as a mirror, as we consider the potential within our own future.

What do you enjoy about your favourite genres? Share in the comments.

. . .

Sky Drum, the first novel in my fantasy epic, is available on AMAZONUK & AMAZON.COM. Subscribe for updates and connect on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “What Happens Next?”

  1. I imagine the answers are pretty much the same whatever genre we read. We reflect on might what happen to lovers reunited (or not), crimes solved & relationships either healed or lost. I read so little fantasy maybe I’m missing the point but I don’t think imaginary worlds are that different from ‘real’ ones. They concern people & their various emotions & experiences. I hear you about ‘rebuilding worlds’ although I still think there are parallels. In fiction, how do we define a world?
    What I’m saying is, my choice is literary/contemporary/thriller. And I nearly always end up asking questions. At the very least I wonder what ‘might’ happen next… Fascinating! xXx


    1. Yes, curiosity has no preference on genre! As readers, we all ponder what comes next.

      I love exploring people’s emotions which can be similar, alongside the differences of being on another planet; with its own flora, fauna, laws and celebrations.

      I’m glad you found the post fascinating! I enjoy writing a series that begins with an epic battle and leads on from there. Thanks for commenting 🙂


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