Warriors As Healers

I’m sharing a little about the writing process regards another world in Sky Drum.

The story begins amid a shift from duality to unity. On Earth, two characters journeys evolve, from a focus on the past, to the present. On Eliir, their common worldview is expanding beyond the equality they’ve maintained throughout history. The need to define people in any other way than their nature, holds less value than a shared sense of family.

The warrior and healer energy they consider their nature, is uniting wisdom from the past, to transform the present.


I approach this through behaviour, language and names. Gender pronouns are often replaced with neutral terms, relating to the land or settle they belong to, as a sign of family. Names have no gender alternative and are used for all.

Example: Irks live on Irksgaard, a narung is from the Narung settle, Ruis is a name.

dsc00209Civilisation evolves organically, retaining elements of the past even as it progresses. I’ve included gender-specific family titles, to retain a sense of the past. This mirrors Earth using Aunty/Uncle to refer to relatives, friends, neighbours.

Example: Girtta of the Omri settle is affectionately called Nadru (Grandmother).

What I love about the shifting nature of culture on both planets, is that the contrasts exist together; without needing to conflict. Of course, in a novel, we can experiment and make changes quicker than they occur in real society, though it is fascinating to explore what is past, what is now and what is to come, in all areas of life. We can embrace what is new and illustrates our progression, while embracing what has come before. As my Great Aunt used to say, “We’re all different and together we make a rainbow.”

Sky Drum is available on AMAZONUK & AMAZON.COM. You can request a copy at your local library or bookstore.


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