Winter Wisdom

A piece I’ve written of my grandmother is featured in She Who Knows – a magazine that honours the feminine and nature. Helmed by Cheryl Tipple-Trepat and Isabella Lazlo, it is packed with content by a diverse community of artists, writers and illustrators. Below is an extract from the piece…


“The wildness pulls at me; tugging at hand, heart and gut. It beckons me to place bare feet where the women of my ancestry wandered. It rises in me; this hot rush until I walk the earth and am at peace once again. It implores me with the crumble of earth beneath and call of birds above. I am barefoot, wind born, stream clad. Here have I always been, in dream, in heart, in soul. I am rugged laughter and stark eyed. The concrete cacophony is but a babbling brook and nature, it roars.” – Wild Spirit



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