Positively Newsworthy

So many inspiring things are happening around the world. As someone that used to avoid media because of its depressing slant, remaining informed was difficult. Now I enjoy not only being regularly informed but inspired.

Positive News is a magazine format quarterly, founded in 1993 by Shauna Crockett-Burrows and now led by Sean Dagan-Wood. I’ve followed its stories for a few years on Twitter and was about to subscribe when a revamp was announced. I awaited the reveal and was so impressed by the content, I became a member and a co-owner.

Each issue covers a multitude of topics; delivering constructive and diverse content on many subjects that are often inflated in the media to manufacture anxiety (or derailed for political gain). It is so refreshing to read of parts of the world often overlooked. Creating digital models, village initiatives, conservation, advancements in science and democracy, open debate on hot topics, community solutions to global issues; to name a few.

Positive News spans the globe, casting a clear lens on the landscape that we all share. To be informed is to be inspired and inspired people take action. It has motivated me in various ways, from sharing stories with friends, loaning copies to family and digging in to projects in my own wild patch. News is brain food and I prefer a nutritious diet to a polluted one. Reading about the many ways a brighter future is being constructed now, is encouraging. Each issue is packed with content that is positively newsworthy.

To subscribe or find out other ways to support Positive News, visit www.positive.news/join







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