The land speaks. The sky, sun and sea answer united. This air we breathe, this ground beneath us, this water that surrounds us. It touches us all. Awoken by sunlight, we grow up towards it – together.

The wind chases, rock supports, trees shelter and water revives. This world; its song of changing seasons, from mineral and mountain to leaf and bud. It is all home. Formed in similar veins, stretching in strata. Wherever I go is home. In my bones. It is above, below, every latitude and longitude, shallow and depth. Four quarters marked by light and dark.

It is birds and rivers. Life bends and bows, decays and grows anew. By blood, by stars, from marrow to memory. This broad family is but an echo in time. All of life is precious. All this Earth is home to us. She spins on and so shall we.

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